PoweRoll by TOP-O-Matic Electric Cigarette Machine

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When searching for a cigarette rolling machine, you’re confronted with many different sorts and styles. So, which one do you choose? Well, that relies upon a whole lot of factors. How many cigarettes an afternoon are you making plans on making? How speedily do you need to make the cigarettes?

How smooth do you need the cigarette-making procedure to be? These are a number of the questions you will recognize the solution to so that you could make a knowledgeable choice.

Electric and guide are the 2 fundamental styles of cigarette rolling machines. The electric-powered kind has an auger and spoon-fed style. The guide kind has a spoon-fed style.

Generally speaking, electric-powered machines will make a cigarette quicker and easier. The guide machines are available in tabletop fashions and transportable hand fashions. These machines are smooth to apply however in case you need to make huge portions of cigarettes, you’re higher off with an electric powered-kind machine.

You can nonetheless make huge quantities of cigarettes with a guide kind, it’ll simply take a bit longer and require a bit greater effort. With electric-powered machines, you commonly simply push a button or pull a small lever down.

Here, you will discuss the best-reviewed article on Powell by TOP-O-Matic Electric Cigarette Machine

PoweRoll by TOP-O-Matic Electric Cigarette Machine

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Quick Information:

  • Product Dimensions: 8.74 x 7.17 x 5.12 inches
  • Item Weight: 2.9 Pounds
  • Manufacturer: Republic Tobacco
  • Brand: TOP-O-Matic
  • Power Adaptor: 100-240v Power Adaptor


Quick and Easy:

The PoweRoll through Top-O-Matic electric powered cigarette system is a sophisticated product from the brand, which lets in taking part in a brief and clean system of rolling cigarettes. The tool is appropriate for making king-length (eighty-four mm) cigarettes most effective.

Size & Materials:

The dimensions of the electric-powered, tabletop system are 6 x four. five x four inches. It has the chamber blanketed with a guard, which lets you keep away from the mess whilst loading tobacco and rolling a smoke.

Since the Top-O-Matic electric powered cigarette rolling system has more than a few components, its miles are offered in a strong case that lets in storing the whole thing you want effortlessly.

This injector calls for plugging in any 120V outlet. There is likewise a unique cleansing package that must be used to make certain that your tool will run easily for a protracted time.

Number of Cigarettes to Make:

Once you load tobacco of your preference and insert king-length clear-out out the tube on your PoweRoll electric-powered cigarette rolling system, you want to press the button to begin rolling an excellent smoke, which makes the system genuinely convenient.

The injector fills tubes instantly, however, the time required for making 20 cigarettes relies upon how quickly you load tobacco and insert a clear-out tube. Usually, it takes only a few mins to make a % of flippantly filed cigarettes.

Bottom Line:

The Top-O-Matic PoweRoll electric-powered cigarette system has all of the info to make certain a brief, painless, and green manner of creating RYO cigarettes. Although it isn’t always the smallest Top’ tool, it comes with the journey case permitting you to hold it effortlessly.

The Top-O-Matic PoweRoll is usually recommended for individuals who choose to preserve the whole system of creating smokes convenient and brief.

Rolling of Cigarette:

Plug-in system and activate the strength switch. Slide the open cease of the cigarette tube onto the nozzle. Open Chamber Guard. Fill the corners first, deposit tobacco flippantly withinside the Tobacco Chamber. DO NOT OVERFILL! Use Tamper to % tobacco down flippantly.

The clear pinnacle of the system of unfastened tobacco then near the Chamber Guard. Press AND launch Chamber Guard over begin button to prompt injector. On the occasion of a jam, the system will reset itself to the beginning role and the Jam Indicator Light will flash.

Cleaning of Rolling Machine:

After getting rid of the tube from a nozzle, open Chamber Guard, then flip the Power Switch off. Use the furnished Cleaning Rod and Nozzle Brush to do away with all tobacco from Tobacco Chamber. Turn the Power Switch on and near the Chamber Guard.

Keeping palms and fingers AWAY FROM NOZZLE OPENING, press and launch the Chamber Guard to prompt injector and make certain a successful elimination of a jam. The system is now prepared for use.


My PoweRoll system did now no longer include a tamper?

The Tamper is withinside the Tobacco Tray at the system. If you appear at the facet of the system on the nozzle wherein you placed your tubes at the system, under the nozzle is a drawer (Tobacco Tray). The Tamper may be in that drawer.

What is the Tobacco Tray at the PoweRoll for?

The Tobacco Tray is for the unfastened tobacco and dirt that falls via the system to gather in. Before use, please make certain this tray is empty and whenever you smooth the system make certain you empty the tray. If this isn’t always carried out often the tobacco will increase withinside the system and could motive the system to malfunction.

Does my PoweRoll system have no strength?

When you plugin and activate the system and the system has no strength this may be for a pair of extraordinary reasons. Check the 120v AC Adapter, whilst you plug the system right into a wall outlet there may be a crimson mild at the adapter itself that must mild up.

If it does now no longer then the adapter desires to be replaced. Please touch the Service Center to get a brand-new adapter. The system may want to have a quick and the electric isn’t always running properly. If this is the case the most effective element that may be carried out is the system desires to be replaced. Please touch the Service Center or ship the system in following the guaranteed office work that got here with the system.

Are the inner components to be had for the PoweRoll?

Sorry, however not one of the inner components is to be had for the system. The most effective components which might be to be had for the system are the outside components. Taking the system aside does void any guarantee there may be at the system.

Can the PoweRoll be oiled?

We do have numerous extraordinary machines and even as our crank machines may be oiled our electric-powered machines must NOT be oiled. The oil may want to without difficulty get into the motor and electricity of the system inflicting it to malfunction.

Should I watch for the system to quiet down among packs?

If you’re making several packs of cigarettes at one time, then sure it might assist to have the system quiet down each so often. If you’re simply creating a % or at one time, then now no longer cooling down the system earlier than then may be fine.

PoweRoll Electric Cigarette Machine By Top-O-Matic

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