PoweRoll 2 Electric Cigarette Machine – King Size & 100mm

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Ready-made, industrially synthetic cigarettes are getting an increasing number expensive. This is because of many distinctive elements, inclusive of taxes. But how a lot of cash do you shop with self-made cigarettes? There isn’t any popular solution to this question, as many elements come into play here: sort of used tobacco, your degree of consumption, etc.

However, the acquisition charge of a system is generally quick amortized. In addition, the system offers you independence from the enterprise and everyday charges will increase will depart you cold. In quick with an electric-powered cigarette injector, you shop actual cash.

Many people who smoke are aggravated while the tobacco save, or grocery store does now no longer have precisely the cigarettes that they are used to. The incorrect size, the incorrect packaging, the incorrect taste – something can play a function and make the smoking revel in worse.

Not handiest does the supply of the man or woman cigarette play a function, however additionally of the route the charge. Another very essential factor is the time stored through making your cigarettes with automated cigarette injection machines.

Compared to guide cigarette-rolling machines, the electrical ones make your cigarettes a lot quicker and also are a lot greater realistic to use – especially for the reason that you’ve got a better degree of consolation as you do not ought to use any force.

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PoweRoll 2 Electric Cigarette Machine

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Quick Information:

  • Product Dimensions: 7.4 x 6.81 x 4.13 inches
  • Item Weight: 3.84 Pounds
  • Manufacturer: Republic Tobacco LP.
  • Brand: Top-O-Matic
  • Size: king-size and 100mm


Reliable Device:

PoweRoll 2 through Top-O-Matic electric powered cigarette device is some other new product withinside the emblem line. It is a superb alternative for the ones seeking out a dependable tool to make properly packed cigarettes in a short and green manner.

The tool with its white, smooth, and elegant layout seems pretty extraordinary than the authentic model. PoweRoll 2 cigarette device is an electric-powered tabletop injector as a way can help you make cigarettes in no time.

Size & Materials:

The PoweRoll 2 electric-powered cigarette rolling device has dimensions of 6. five x five. seventy-five x 3. seventy-five inches, so it’s miles quite compact. The chamber of the tool comes with a shield that protects tobacco from falling off, which makes the complete system extra accurate.

There are metallic and plastic components used withinside the PoweRoll 2 electric-powered cigarette device. There is likewise a detachable middle which you want to plug into your house outlet to begin the use of the tool. The device comes with all of the gear vital for the cleaning. There is a lever at the again of the device that you could use for adjusting cigarettes length in no time.

Number of Cigarettes It Can Make:

It is appropriate for making each eighty-four mm (king length) and one hundred mm cigarettes with simply one touch. All you need to do is to press the button after loading tobacco and attaching a clear-out of the tube to the PoweRoll 2 through Top O Matic. It takes only some mins to make the entire % of smokes.


PoweRoll 2 is an injector, this means that that it flippantly fills the sooner connected to the tool cigarette tubes. The tubes are stuffed with the use of a so-called “spoon” pushed injection, which lets in acquiring always burning smokes.

Rolling of Cigarette:

Plugin devises and switches on the energy switch. Slide the open quit of the cigarette tube onto the nozzle. Open Chamber Guard. PoweRoll 2 is ready to make King-length cigarettes through default. To make 100mm, slide the cigarette length lever on the rear of the device all of the manners out.

Fill the corners first, deposit tobacco flippantly withinside the Tobacco Chamber. Use Tamper to % tobacco down flippantly. The clear pinnacle of the device of unfastened tobacco then near the Chamber Guard. Press AND launch Chamber Guard over begin button to prompt injector.

Cleaning of Machine:

After putting off the tube from the nozzle, open Chamber Guard, then flip the Power Switch off. Use the provided Cleaning Rod and Nozzle Brush to eliminate all tobacco from Tobacco Chamber.

Turn the Power Switch on and near the Chamber Guard. Keeping hands and fingers AWAY FROM NOZZLE OPENING, press and launch the Chamber Guard to prompt injector and make sure a success elimination a jam. The device is now geared up for use.


Does the cigarette case split? Is there a hazard you could overfill or underfill?

No. It constantly crammed nearly to the cease of the tube. The machine burned out after nine months. Powermatic II is a far higher device.

What is the data for the guarantee?

The one-yr. guarantee required the receipt of the day you purchase. State ID or Driver license. You have to have shipped the PoweRoll to the producer in Glenview Il.

Does the hearthplace fall off whilst smoking has an electric powered one earlier than and it’d fall off and burn garments and might you operate a hopper with it?

Here’s the deal, it’s miles a procedure to discover ways to load every cigarette. I was the usage this device for approximately four years, and also have poorly rolled cigarettes. This is something you have to understand in case you are going to roll your own. You will in no way get store-sold fine smokes, however, the trade-off in rate on my own is well worth it fivefold.

It takes practice, however, the attempt is well worth it whilst you could roll a carton for approximately 10$. I do not propose the hopper as you want to load everyone with care. It gets less complicated with time, proper luck. P.S. Experiment with manufacturers of tobacco and tubes till you discover the proper aggregate for you.

How a good deal tobacco can I healthy in the holder?

A quite proper handful. I do it like a manufacturing line, and simply maintain including as I go. A massive cookie sheet works exquisitely to maintain your tobacco and the device, so no mess. I will say, I even have attempted numerous one-of-a-kind sorts of machines and that is the pleasant one out there. Been the usage of this one for approximately years now. It is nicely really well worth the rate.

What is the cleansing compartment cowl for?

The cleansing compartment cowl is so that you can clean out the tobacco that falls into the device whilst the usage of the device. This has to be taken off after each use. Cleaning the tobacco out of the device will assist to maintain the motor from burning out and components from breaking. While the quilt is off the device all you’ll want to do is lightly tap the device from side to side and the tobacco will fall out of the lowest of the device.

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