Powermatic Mini Cigarette Injector

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The invention of the rolling machine in 1880 revolutionized the industry. Rolling cigarettes became more and more efficient as time went on. They could roll at a rate of 20,000 per minute by 2006.

Cigarettes were rolled by hand prior to 1880, with a rate of only a few cigarettes per minute. The Susini, one of the first cigarette-rolling machines, was introduced in 1867, but it was temperamental and not generally adopted.

The financial advantages of rolling one own cigarette are obvious, but users also have complete control over the fill of the cigarette. Users know how individuals like to smoke, and that may change with each session. If individuals roll their own cigarettes, anyone can manufacture a distinct cigarette each time.

Cigarette makers use machines to fill their cigarettes evenly, but creating one’s own offers customers the freedom to overfill or pack the cigarette tighter whenever they choose. Whether users roll with sheets or fill tubes, customers have complete control over the appearance of the cigarette.

Powermatic Cigarette Injector

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Quick information:

  • Product Dimensions: 5 x 6 x 2 inches
  • Product Weight: 12.8 Ounces
  • Manufacturer: Sub
  • Brand: Powermatic
  • Color: White

Product Features:

Superior Quality:

The Powermatic mini cigarette injector device is ideal for swiftly producing cigarettes. This is the simplest Powermatic model, but it delivers an excellent cigarette.

Pipes Capacity and Range:

This machine can make both king size and 100mm tubes, however, there is no adjustment level on it. So users will have to load the corners a little more to get 100mm tubes to fill properly.


Powermatic’s reputation for producing some of the best cigarette injectors on the market is reflected in the build quality. The size is ideal for taking with anyone while traveling or on the road.


This is a durable, dependable cigarette injector. It is built to the high standards for which Powermatic is recognized.

Great Purchase:

It’s the ideal injector machine to pair with any existing electric or tabletop injector equipment. Hence, the designers along with the manufacturers value the consumer’s money.


A well-made cigarette injector that is simple to use and forgiving if one overfills the injector with tobacco. Sweeping and jam-clearing instruments are included.

Proper Hopper Filling:

Tobacco amounts can be adjusted to taste, but never overfill or cram the hopper. Load the hopper with sufficient to easily fill the cigarette tube, but pack plenty in the far left part of the hopper so that the fill extends all the way to the meter’s tip.

Our Opinion:

I’ve had this guy for a month and use it on a daily basis. I definitely suggest it. There’s a lot to like about it: it’s tiny enough for me to EDC if I need to, it rolls both 100s and kings, and it’s simple to clean up after a session of rolling.

I have nothing negative to say about it. My fears that the plastic hinges and slider handle would break if I overpacked turned out to be unwarranted. The only caveat I would add is to get a can of compressed air, remove the rubber bottom, and blow out the hinges every now and then, as tobacco dust causes the hinges to become gritty. This is a fantastic purchase.


Is it electrical in nature?

No, it is not electronic in nature.

To roll cigarettes, what kind of tobacco does one use?

Shag, also known as rolling tobacco or loose tobacco, is fine-cut tobacco that is hand-rolled into rolling paper or injected into filter tubes to manufacture self-made cigarettes.

Define Powermatic mini.

The Powermatic mini is the smallest cigarette injector in the Powermatic family of RYO and MYO machines, both in terms of size and price. Both king size and 100mm cigarettes can be made with the mini.

Is pipe tobacco a better alternative than cigarettes?

There were no or very slight differences in mortality from any source and smoking-related diseases between pipe and cigarette smokers. It is not safer to smoke a pipe than it is to smoke a cigarette.

What is the purpose of the tobacco coming out of one end of the tube?

When users finish filling the tube, some tobacco will fall out of the open end, just like in any pack of cigarettes people buy. They can tamp the tobacco using the end of a circular chopstick.

What is the weight of this?

It’s not at all weighty; it’s little and made of plastic.

What causes smokers to shake their packs?

Individuals shake or rather tap, the top section of the cigarette pack upside down to compress the tobacco within.

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